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Create web application in IIS. Set IIS to use windows authentication (or basic authentication if you will have double hop scenario). Put unzipped files in application directory. The application was tested on IIS5 (Win XP) and IIS7 (Win 7) with SQL Server 2008 running on Windows Server 2008.


  • All tables are expected to have single primary key column.
  • Testing has been done with SQL server 2008 only and with a quite few column types (int, varchar, decimal, bit, datetime).
  • This version is still new and has not been used extensively. So, it might have a few bugs.


  • Current: 1.0
  • Future: If significant functionality will be added or bugs fixed, I will release an updated version.


Historically speaking, there was an old classic ASP application that I created for myself a long time ago. The application was inspired by code in ASP 3.0 Wrox (big red book). It used ADOX (if anybody remembers …) to generate stored procedures and ASP code to create commands, parameters and recordsets.

Later, the application was extended to generate full set of CRUD stored procedures, audit tables and triggers. It turned out that having it to generate classes for DAL and BLL layers was not a big feat of dexterity either, so that was added as well.

.NET seemed to be much better suited for code generation and I created some more code generators in ASP.NET 2.0 using SQL Server and Oracle system tables to get metadata for stored procedures, DAL and entity classes. Those were times when CSLA ruled.

Then, .NET 3.5 SP1 came out and Entity Framework made all those efforts obsolete. I gave up on ORM code generation ambitions altogether :-) (can’t beat NHibernate, Telerik ORM or CodeSmith ..) but still needed a tool to generate stored procedures and audits. SMO looked like a nice choice. So, here it is.

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