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Project Description
A tool for capturing and analyzing data modifications; an audit trail generator with a data modifications viewer. Helps with testing, troubleshooting and exploring application functionality.
ASP.NET 3.5 C#, SMO application.
Audit and CRUD generators are included.

  • To guide data driven application testing and troubleshooting.
  • To help explore application functionality.
  • To script auditing functionality.
  • To script CRUD stored procedures.
  • Capture Setup:
    • Creates audit tables and triggers. Audit tables can be created in the same or separate database. Tables can be filtered and audit table names can be prefixed or suffixed. Timestamp column and FileStream columns are skipped when audit tables and triggers are created. Audit triggers can be set to execute as last.
  • Analysis:
    • Used to review audit data. Can be used for testing, troubleshooting or exploring UI functionality. Audit data can be filtered by selected time span. Details of the record history can be viewed. Changed data elements will be highlighted.
  • CRUD Generator:
    • CRUD stored procedures generator. Tables to script can be filtered. All columns, with an exception of the Timestamp, will be scripted.
  • Audit Columns:
    • Generates script that appends audit columns to tables in the database. Tables to script can be filtered. Custom defaults can be set on audited columns (for example: GetDate() for CreatedDate column). Several data types can be chosen for audit columns.
  • In Summary:
    • Application uses windows authentication and impersonation. Script can be generated to a textbox or a file, or can be executed directly in the database. Make sure that you do not work with production databases.
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I have gotten quite a few problems when crating functionality in this application and I would like to say thanks to people who contribute to forums or keep blogs. MSDN SMO documentation, quite often, lacks examples and sooner or later everyone using SMO (or any other API) will hit a wall. I do not keep track of all the things that I run into but there were a few and I would like to say thanks to everybody that put a piece of information that helped solve problems I encountered.

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